Mr. Vipan Puri

Business Manager

March 12, 2019
KPI Key Performance indicator Analysis and Consulting Service

KPI Analysis Introduction: KPI Analysis is basically the critical analysis through the application of “Key Performance Indicators (KPI)”. The performance is measured and monitored through the KPI. KPI is a set of measures to judge the performance of a business house and then make suitable recommendations so as[…]

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March 11, 2019
Financial Modeling Services

Introduction: Financial Modeling Services provide financial acumen and insights to the higher management on the basis of actual & projected financial performance of a particular asset, investment, portfolio or project. This involves crunching of available financial information and undertaking certain complex arithmetical and scientifically sophisticated calculations. Financial Modeling[…]

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March 6, 2019
Investor Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation Design

What is a Pitch Deck? Pitch Deck is a modern-day mode of introducing the business plan of your organization in an effective and concise manner to an audience comprising potential investors, venture funds, crowdfunding platforms, high net-worth individuals, prospective partners and co-founders, small shareholders, etc. with the aim[…]

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March 4, 2019
Financial Forecasting Analysis Services

Introduction: Financial Forecasting Analysis is the base and backbone of any organization as it monitors and takes care of all the economic activities undertaken by that organization.  The basic and prime motive of FFA is to assist & support and make relevant recommendations to the higher management to take[…]

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