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The technological revolution has evolved the way businesses are run. Nowhere this is truer than how customers (both B2B and B2C) find businesses today. With the rise and dominance of Google and Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, having an online presence is the key marketing tool these days. Not having an online presence can actually be a death knell for a company.

Also, having a digital presence is not enough, it is important to

  • Deliver relevant content regularly,
  • Rank on Google for your key search words
  • Have a strong fan following
  • Ensure that you have overall positive reviews on social media channels
  • Keep engaging with your followers/fans/customers online.

Not only should your content be enticing for the target reader, the trustworthiness of your content is a major factor complimented with a social-common-sense. Leveraging text blogs, images, posts, videos, gifs, memes etc. is vital to have a 360-degree approach on how to touch base with your customers.

Another factor that plays an important role is the ‘timing’ of the posts. Understanding the science behind the ‘time to post’ can do wonders.
There are a number of factors that influence the way you present yourself online and a business owner or entrepreneur simply cannot do justice to such excruciating details.

There are several types of segments under Digital Solutions that must be covered to rank better and capture attention.

Types of Services included under Digital Solutions:
Social Media Management– This is the process of posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This process involves creating content, analyzing the need, and scheduling the posting (Time to post). The content managers must aim for content that is engaging. Appropriate ‘Social media Management’ can help a business in drawing a huge audience and in running viral campaigns.

Online Reputation Management– ORM refers to ramping up the visibility of a business and strategizing marketing techniques that can drive the audience and perspective clients towards a business. If ORM is strong, it can even mitigate the effects of any negative publicity of the firm or otherwise.

Website Development– Website is the first point of contact for all looking to understand your business. The website sets the tone on how your company will be perceived in the eyes of the customer/vendor/potential employee. Having a website that reflects your corporate vision and tone helps in setting expectations and adds a level of gravitas to your firm.

Corporate decks/Brochures/Logos– Corporate Decks are the presentations of a firm’s business idea and goals. These presentations are usually “less wordy” and have more graphics to get the attention of customers/vendors/investors.

Brochures are made from time to time to make announcements, for greetings and other informational matter. These help in conveying a simple message with graphic presentation.

Logos symbolize the organization. These work as the trademark for any organization. People might forget the name, but logos leave an everlasting impact. Logos are the identity of any business. Having a logo that is elegant yet attractive is the real deal.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Search Engine Optimization leads to the enrichment of a website in context of visibility. It drives more quality and quantity traffic towards a website from search engines like Google. SEO helps in increasing unpaid traffic i.e. the organic traffic. Techniques like keywords, back linking etc. are used for SEO. Posting better quality content in the form of Blogs, Images, videos etc. also fall under the techniques of SEO.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)– Social Media Optimization is somewhat like SEO with the same purpose of increasing the traffic but it does that via Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. It also uses RSS feeds, bookmarking sites etc.

Google Analytics– It is an analytical service for the web. It is used for tracking and analyzing the traffic on the website. It evaluates the duration, pages per session, time spent on any website, etc. This tool helps in Generation of leads, Sales etc. by analyzing Web activities and optimizing the website accordingly. It is a must for e-commerce companies selling products and services through their website.
To carry on such a plethora of tasks with the necessary creativity and due-diligence, every organization needs a team of experts. At DNA Growth we have a division solely dedicated to executing top-of-the-class Digital solutions.

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