March 11, 2019

Financial Modeling Services


Financial Modeling Services provide financial acumen and insights to the higher management on the basis of actual & projected financial performance of a particular asset, investment, portfolio or project. This involves crunching of available financial information and undertaking certain complex arithmetical and scientifically sophisticated calculations. Financial Modeling Services thus help in taking calculated investment decisions, through in-depth financial valuations, especially in the major corporate activities like Fund Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), ideal & model pricing of an Initial Public Offer (IPO), Acquisition Finance, Corporate Lending, Valuation of a new project, etc.

Business Language: It has been rightly said that “Accounting is the language of business” because the best way to understand business is to understand its accounts and Financial Modelling Services incorporate management accounting (to a certain extent). Financial experts read between the lines of the financial information available and accurately forecast and predict the hidden, intrinsic value of a business unit.

Unbiased Decisions: Financial Modeling is an art as well as science. They differ from one business to another and from one business sector to another. The science is in the ratios, rules, and regulations which financial modelers need to follow to the T. Financial Modeling for startups helps to reap and realize strong returns if used wisely.

Like Google Map Services: One of the prime objectives of Financial Modeling Services is to convert tons of sophisticated scientific data calculations into high level and simple presentations for the entrepreneur and the management.  Financial Modeling Services are thus like Google Map Services (in a way!) to enable users to reach their desired destination easily and efficiently.

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Advantages of Financial Modeling Services:

Financial Modeling Services convert volumes of numerical financial data in an abridged and sensible form, without skipping any vital information. The intrinsic financial projections and valuations arrived through the application of Financial Modeling Services for small business are the foundations of corporate decision-making. It becomes easier for the higher management to budget and plan with optimum accuracy, keeping an eye on the future, in alignment with the visions of the organization. After observing the various charts & presentations based on different financial models, they can look forward to achieving the expected Returns on Investments (ROI). At the same time, the top management is equipped with the desired information in the simplest terminology to minimize the financial risks.

Financial Modeling Services thus assist in helping attain deep insight; its USP is a thorough critical evaluation, comparing and judging on the ideals & models of financial criteria comprising of various parameters (before making any investments, irrespective of the size – whether big or small).

Our Services:

We render our services to entrepreneurs, startups, corporate management and high net-worth individuals (HNI). The goal is to model results, forecasting the expected future rewards in terms of their ROI, in the short run as well as in the long run. We deliver financial reports utilizing the medium of charts, graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, and Excel Spreadsheets, etc, in clear, comprehensible and simplest terms. This is executed after undertaking complex calculations and also an in-depth analytical study of the output data of those sensitive calculations. Thes calculations are arrived at after completely comprehending the business model and its successful KPIs.

  • DNA Growth provides consultancy and expertise to our clients with due diligence, helping them assess via different alternative financial modeling services so that they can arrive at the best possible decision on their projected investments.
  • We also explain to our corporate, SME and startup clients the trigger points of the investment and how different economic and operational scenarios will affect the final ROI.
  • We will critically analyze the conduciveness of the current business scenario in general, and the interested sector of the clients in particular.

It also involves evaluating anticipated changes and developments, shift in the government policies, that may occur and how these anticipations when materialized may have their impact as regards ROI.  We not only highlight the strengths of their projected investments but also dig out the weaknesses of the project. We are the devil’s advocate for finance and business decision making.

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