Market Research & Analysis

Market Research & Analysis 2

A Differentiated Approach to Market Research and Analysis:

Markets are ever evolving and so are business models. It is critical to stay tuned to changing market trends for retaining that competitive edge. The answer to your problems is not Data: but Actionable Market Research.

Data is the new oil of the 21st century and as a business, it is imperative you have the latest on your competitors and industry developments. Your business might be expanding, consolidating or is just an idea on a piece of paper, but for success, you need to test your assumptions with real-world data.

DNA Growth focuses on bringing you Market Research and Analysis from multiple perspectives. We have a strong academic foundation but hate generalized theoretical answers. Theories don’t win markets, execution does and smart implementation depends on that right data set.

What does DNA Growth offer?

DNA Growth provides the following Market Research services:

  • Secondary Market Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • TAM SAM SOM Analysis
  • SWOT and PESTLE Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Audit
  • Location Analysis
  • Target Customer Analysis
  • Industry Mapping
  • Research Reports of Industry / Country
  • Content Research
  • Contact Research
  • Investor Research
  • Vendor Research
  • Price Research
  • Compliance and Legal Research
  • Data Mining

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Who needs it?

The right information at the right time is pivotal for decision-making.  You cannot choose the right option if you don’t have all the alternatives in front of you.

You might need DNA Growth if you:
  • Are expanding into a new business or product line.
  • Are a startup and looking to disrupt an existing industry.
  • Believe your competitors are closing in.
  • Will be launching in a new geography.
  • Want to raise funding from investors.
  • Are looking for bank funding.
  • Want to price your services/products appropriately.
  • Need to understand the social media strategy of your competitors.

The use cases are unlimited, but the answer to all of it is – DNA Growth, a premier startup, and small business consulting firm.

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Why hire us?


With over 40 in-house professionals, we will not rest until we get you that missing piece of data which can help figure out the key to unlocking a customer or a market. We had an e-commerce client who wanted us to evaluate 400 data points for 82 competitors and 55 data points for 250 prospective B2B customers.

  • Problem: he needed that research in a week to present to his VC.
  • The Solution: DNA Growth.
  • The Result: A 3 Million Dollar Series A funding for the client.

One Stop Shop:

We do the research, analysis, strategy, and reporting. We also offer day-to-day execution in multiple spheres like bookkeeping, management accounting, content development, graphic design, SEO and social media. Multiple clients are using our wide range of financial and business consultancy services as the go-to complete business solutions center.


A real estate company was looking to branch out into different geography. Our market insight team told us that political trouble was brewing and a wait and watch approach would be better considering the current climate. The team had been active in the new geography for years due to prior engagements with local clients. We could ferret out on-the-ground information that was lost in the digital noise.

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