(Chartered Accountant) Akshay Jain
CEO and Founder- DNA Growth

In 2011, we embarked on a journey to create a unique and powerful statement of value for clients. We set on this path with an intent to proffer exceptional client experiences by assisting clients address problems related to financial planning for their businesses, analysing new growth opportunities, market research, and creating online content and assets for a digital future. Since then, all aspects of DNA Growth and its ecosystem have been shaped to deliver this consistently in every client setting.

I can synonymize the key drivers of our business as customer and team experience. Our entire team is working with a unified mission and that is to help our clients grow. We provide companies facing unique opportunities–as well as critical challenges–with proven knowledge to achieve successful resolution. With a combination of business acumen and financial expertise, our team leverages their experience to exceed client expectations.

I believe that to keep growing is to keep innovating. One milestone achieved by DNA Growth is a shot in the arm. With the recent launch of Dubai Operations; the company is looking to jump to the next level in terms of scale and reach. In terms of innovation, we understand how a digital wave is shaking up the entire business ecosystem. So, we offer smart and tailored solutions to the start-ups, SMEs and Corporates who are looking forward to leverage this digital transformation of the business ecosystem into an opportunity and thrive in the new normal.

Till date, we have been able to serve businesses in over 35 countries and over 50 industries. DNA Growth has three core divisions, namely Business and Financial Planning, Market Research and Analytics and Back Office Support.

To sum up our philosophy, I’d like to say that we combine international expertise with in-depth knowledge in order to tailor our solutions to each specific context and ensure the best possible results for our clients.

CA Akshay Jain
CEO and Founder- DNA Growth

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