Financial Analytics Consulting

Are you still using manual methods to analyze and report financial data? Manual data input commonly leads to oversight, and a single mistake can cause you to implement the wrong strategy or get you in trouble for breaking compliance regulations. 

Data is flowing faster than ever in the financial services industry. Consequently, CFOs or finance executives are finding themselves in the middle of a myriad of issues like:

  • Enhancing and maintaining the growth prospects in an ever-changing business landscape
  • Attaining an optimal cost structure as well as maximizing profitability 
  • Managing risks in a highly volatile business environment 

One effective solution to all these business challenges is our end-to-end financial analytics service. DNA Growth helps clients achieve better performance, contain costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risks by implementing advanced financial data analytics solutions. 

Why DNA Growth?

Our competent team of experienced management consultants and data analysts possess in-depth industry and technical expertise. We have worked with a plethora of industries and understand the underlying industry economics, customer needs, and competitive dynamics. Most importantly, our services are customizable and adapt well to the customers’ requirements. We are comfortable working with our client’s preferred tools and technologies, and we believe in delivering helpful insight and impact for our clients. 

Upgrade Your Financial Reporting Capabilities with DNA Growth

DNA Growth’s financial analytics consulting services help you gather, analyze, and present financial data in a more effective manner. This helps make your budgeting, spending, and forecasting efforts more transparent and easier. Here are some advantages of working with our team:

  • Integrated Financial Plans – Financial analysis shouldn’t just rely on one data point. There are a lot of factors that can affect the revenue of a company, like overhead costs, production per unit, and more. DNA Growth will make sure those are efficiently addressed in your financial plans and reports.
  • Real-Time Reports – Tired of entering data manually into a spreadsheet? Using a spreadsheet to calculate and track your finances can become a tedious process.  Our financial analytics solutions automate this function, and all you need to check is your dashboard for real-time updates on your finances.
  • Flexible Solutions – Our services are flexible and customizable according to our client’s needs, especially when it comes to the storage of financial data. You can easily choose whether you want to keep your financial data exclusively on your servers or on the cloud

Our Services

  • Financial modeling
  • Financial forecast and projections
  • Marketing analytics 
  • Investment modeling 
  • Credit and counterparty risk analytics 
  • Regulatory compliance

To get more information, please get in touch with us on or +1 (619) 940-4535‬, while mentioning the nature of services you are looking forward to discussing.