Investor Pitch Decks

Investors are constantly flooded with potential investment opportunities, but do you think that all those pitch decks get the investments they are looking for? That might not be the case. So, how do we make your Investor Pitch Deck stand out? How to Write a Business Plan?

DNA Growth takes care of the three most critical things required of a pitch deck:

  • A Compelling Story- Our pitch deck writers craft an impactful story to make your deck stand out. 
  • A Strong Business Case- Our business and financial analysts develop a robust investment case reinforced with comprehensive forecasts and models. 
  • A Professional and Stunning Design- Lastly, our professional graphic design team elevates your deck by giving it a remarkable design. 

DNA Growth’s Pitch Deck Consulting Process

Step 1 – Input Gathering

We send the client a questionnaire to learn the vision, value proposition, and business model and then set up a virtual meeting with the client. We acquire a deep understanding of your business ideas to form a strong foundation for building the investment case.

Step 2 – Business Model & Market Analysis

This phase involves analyzing the business model, sector/industry landscape, competitive forces, and value chain. We then sift through our internal knowledge bank, databases, and secondary research sources to bolster the investment thesis.

Step 3 – Financial Modeling 

The financial model includes projections supported by data/assumptions—these assumptions are developed in collaboration with the client.

Step 4 – Narrative and Design

The final step involves crafting a compelling story. Our team weaves the narrative by blending favorable insights (from business, economic, and market factors) in such a professional design that marks the completion of an astute pitch deck.

Why Choose us for your Investor Pitch Deck Design

DNA Growth specializes in preparing Pitch Deck Presentations for your startup venture in a professional manner. The process begins as we undertake a comprehensive analytical study of different aspects, including:

  • Operational and financial activities of your overall business plan
  • Nature of the industrial/services sector
  • Detailed profile of your startup project
  • Philosophy of the management
  • Capital requirements
  • Sources of finance solicited (and their flexibility)
  • Overall capital structure
  • Attainable objectives and goals (on both short and long-term basis)
  • Other potential financial activities and matters in addition to the laws of the land

An investor pitch deck’s focus is to recreate your vision in a smart, corporate presentation, so the investors can understand your startup business idea and its market potential correctly.

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