Financial Modeling Consulting Services

DNA Growth is a leading Financial Advisory and Business Consulting firm specializing in financial modeling and valuations. We specialize in providing expert financial modeling solutions to firms worldwide. 

In today’s competitive world, every business must make informed data-driven decisions. DNA Growth’s financial modeling services help business leaders make sound financial decisions by translating quantitative and qualitative information to accurately forecast the financial outcomes for their businesses.

Financial projections are an integral part of the business. Every organization strives to meet new challenges, but its path to success is hindered by the complexity of different systems, a proliferation of spreadsheets, and various management processes and controls. 

Financial Modeling helps businesses to get rid of all of these difficulties effectively. It is an art in itself. It may differ from business to business, but it provides a representation of any organization’s financials.

Why Does Your Business Need Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling acts as an essential tool that is used to estimate the valuation of a business. Financial modeling is used in strategic planning to test various scenarios, calculate the cost of new projects, decide on budgets, and allocate corporate resources. 

Also, it helps in executing business choices to get perfect solutions.

  • Financial modeling gives you the ability to look ahead and plan accordingly.
  • It helps you to test ideas to optimize your business.
  • Most importantly, financial modeling helps in managing financial risk.

A company can use DNA Growth’s Financial Modeling services for the following purposes:

  • Valuation of a Startup
  • Projections for fundraising
  • Real estate cash flow projections
  • Valuation of a share/security
  • Valuation of new projects
  • Raising finance for businesses/projects
  • For internal decision making
  • Forecasting future HR/raw material needs
  • Forecasting the capital investing needs
  • Business Automation
  • MIS Dashboard
  • KPI Reporting

DNA Growth’s Approach Towards Financial Modeling

  • Initiating by understanding your business model
  • Performing an analysis of the historical results
  • Starting the preparation of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Building the supporting schedules and completing the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Building Cash Flow Statement
  • Arriving at the Valuation of the company
  • Performing Scenario Analysis and Break-even Analysis
  • Running Stress Test and Auditing the Model
  • Drawing inferences and required results from the statement

Our Services:

We render our services to entrepreneurs, startups, corporate management, and high net-worth individuals (HNI). The goal is to model results, forecasting the expected future rewards in terms of ROI, in the short run, as well as in the long run. We deliver financial reports utilizing the medium of charts, graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, and Excel Spreadsheets, etc., in clear, comprehensible, and simple terms. This is executed after undertaking complex calculations and an in-depth analytical study of the input data. These calculations are arrived at after completely comprehending the business model and its KPIs.

  • DNA Growth provides consultancy and expertise to its clients with due diligence, helping them assess via different alternative financial modeling services to arrive at the best possible decision on their projected investments.
  • We also explain to our corporate, SME, and startup clients the trigger points of the investment and how different economic and operational scenarios will affect the final ROI.
  • We will critically analyze the current business scenario’s conduciveness in general, and the client’s area of interest in particular.

It also involves evaluating anticipated changes and developments, shifts in the government policies that may occur, and how these anticipations, when materialized, may have their impact as regards ROI. We not only highlight the strengths of their projected investments but also dig out the weaknesses of the project.

Key-Components of Our Financial Modeling Report

1) Assessment of the key drivers of the business model

2) Studying the past financials if the business is established

3) Creating an employee recruitment plan and establishing the costs, which will include timelines, personnel salary, wages, etc.

4) Vetting your costs to verify a future Capex

5) Compiling a thorough list of key assumptions

6) Exposition of VAT/GST and taxation structure

7) Overheads estimation

8) Creating contingency plans for any change in costs that may occur

9) Reviewing / Making the financial projections required for valuation purpose

10) Valuation of the company (this is based on its​ potential, what reasonable offer can be expected from a reasonable buyer)? This also states how the value is calculated, its methodology, what all the value discounts are, and what constitutes the purchase consideration? That is where all items from the balance sheet are considered.

11. The deal structuring, with the following alternatives along with terms of the practical options you have​ now and options you can open up in the future with constructive effort along with practical valuations associated with all these options so that you can make an informed decision over the fate of your company.

12. Guidance on how to improve the valuation based on the report prepared.

13. It will also include analytics like ROI, IRR, Break Even, Scenario Analysis (Best, Base, Worst case), Financial Ratios, Payback period, Net Present Value, etc.

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