Startup Consulting Services

Being an early-stage founder is probably one of the most challenging jobs, but DNA Growth is here to make your life easy. Starting a new business without a Startup business plan is like traveling a winding road at high speeds with a blindfold on. Your business idea needs to be tested and evaluated from all angles, which is where our Startup consulting services help you and give you that extra push. We are that edge to ensure that you not only survive but also thrive. 

Our startup and early-stage business consulting services focus on practical, cost-effective solutions with ensured efficacy. We understand the problems that startups and early-stage business owners have to deal with every day. Entrepreneurs may have lots of ideas and huge potential, but their path towards success often gets hindered by tight budgets and a lack of resources. DNA Growth brings reality into every conversation. Startups typically hire us for the following services:

  • Feasibility Analysis — Feasibility analysis is necessary for an early-stage business or startup, before deploying hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital and savings
  • Business Plans and Investor Pitch Decks —  Need a Business Plan for compliance, for Visa or for grant assessment, or want to create an amazing Investor Pitch Deck for fundraising. We are here for you.
  • Management Consulting — Our management consulting services focus on accountability, the implementation of strategic plans, and results. Sessions are one-on-one with a pay-as-you-go model of services.
  • Corporate Presentations — DNA Growth helps businesses who feel that their Corporate Presentations need a design and content push.
  • Market Research — DNA Growth focuses on bringing you Market Research and Analysis from multiple perspectives. We have a strong academic foundation but hate generalized theoretical answers. Theories don’t win markets, execution does, and smart implementation depends on that right data set.
  • Strategy and Planning — We help clients define the right goals for their startup or early-stage business and develop strategies to achieve them while confirming that the company has the right capabilities and resources to make it all happen.
  • Financial Consulting — Whether the client requires a financial forecast in an iterative excel model for budgeting cash-flows or pro forma financial projections for the bank/lender, we are here to serve you with our professional financial consulting services. 

While you‘re looking forward to launching your own business, you must consider all the responsibilities you will have to shoulder and a lot of important decisions that you will have to make. As a startup business owner, most of these can be overwhelming, cause inertia, and may not be as straightforward as you anticipated. This is where you need expert startup consultants to help you with the early steps of setting up an enterprise.

In order to help startups founders, DNA Growth offers unique expertise that combines diverse entrepreneurial experiences and real-time business insights along with tactical plans.

It is always recommended to seek professional management advice and support for long-term business growth. DNA Growth helps each client identify the most critical procedures while providing resolutions for them so that they be executed properly. 

Our Approach


DNA Growth provides guidance in tackling various business challenges that may arise while launching your business. We start by addressing strategic problems to ensure startups are working on the right roadmap. We help innovators, early-stage startups, and growing organizations launch new business models, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, and focus on long-term profitability.

Results-driven Consultancy

Over the years, we have built a set of efficient tools that help us facilitate the growth of your startup. We also provide tailored mentoring and practical results-driven consultancy. Successfully launching and leading a startup requires a unique leadership toolset to consistently maneuver between two valuable resources, i.e., time and money. Every decision you take creates a thread of dynamics. It might put you on the right track, swipe you away, or force you to change course later.

Learning and understanding the opportunities should be your foremost priority. DNA Growth will help you understand where and when to double down and when to move cautiously or back off. It is a skill that is developed through hard work and experience.

Expert Opinion

DNA Growth has built up expertise through more than 30 years of experience and knowledge acquisition in a number of entrepreneurial and startup related areas. We specialize in business planning, strategic planning,  design strategy, marketing strategy, project management, product strategy, financial planning, and management. 

Business Plan and Startup Strategy

We give one on one expert opinion and business consultancy to startups, to review or walk you through crafting a business plan by evaluating your mission and vision. We help you conduct market analysis, financial forecast, competition benchmarking, estimate capital needs, product roadmap services, management, and operational plans, and advise on what are the best marketing and sales strategies for your business.

Growth Hacking

We develop tailored solutions for startups and high-growth organizations and use a cost-effective approach to drive results quicker. Our growth-driver methodology is data-driven, analytical, and predominantly focused on results.

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