SME Management Consulting

SMEs are the fastest growing sector, and interestingly most SMEs are family-run businesses, where one generation of owners passes on the baton to the next. The next generation’s aspirations may be high, but their market knowledge may not be as deep. Furthermore, while some SMEs are able to scale up, some are still in their nascent stage of market potential. That’s because every small business starts with an innovative idea and, consequently, a strategy, but what they forget is that growth requires scaling up of your processes, your team, and your strategy.

Solving this problem would require an experienced hand, and this is where SME Management Consulting plays an important role. Management consultants bring to the table enormous amounts of expertise to bridge the market knowledge gap that would enable small businesses to thrive in a competitive environment. They also help businesses create and fulfill their strategic plans.

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need SME Management Consulting

1) Strategic Planning
Many SMEs have an aggressive plan to grow. This growth can either be achieved by pursuing organic ways like aggressive sales, digital marketing, business process automation, adoption of state of the art technology, and coming up with innovations or following inorganic routes like M&A (Merger and Acquisition), joint ventures, and partnership. These ideas, though efficient, cannot be implemented all at once. Hence, it is important that small businesses have a vision that is broken down into short-term and long-term plans to ensure success. A Management Consultant can play an important role in helping SMEs in strategic planning, which can be used by the company as a roadmap to achieve their goals.

2) Unbiased Point of View
As entrepreneurs and management, we are sometimes too close to our business. We all need that external viewpoint and validation for strategic initiatives. The best SME Management Consulting Firms give your business the advantage of a unique perspective gleaned from working for hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries. Understandably, you’d find it difficult to trust an outsider with your ideas. But ensuring that your business is on a strong financial footing and is growing requires leveraging every resource at your disposal in this hyper-competitive era.

3) Need for Expertise
Entrepreneurs are often trying to convince themselves that they alone can understand their business, so management consulting isn’t required. But this has been proven over the years that the cause of business failure is the lack of proper understanding of the business operation. Yes, your business is your own creation, it is your idea, but there are some areas in which an expert can help you better. By engaging with an SME Management Consulting firm, you get access to a group of experienced professionals who hail from diverse backgrounds and possess a variety of skills. Hiring an in-house team of this level of experience and skill set can be very expensive. With Management Consultants, companies can bring in that necessary manpower only when they need it. So, it is both time and cost-effective.

DNA Growth- Management Consultant for SMEs
Having a great plan is just the beginning, but having to implement the plan successfully is where the real challenge lies. DNA Growth’s SME Management Consulting Services are designed to help small business owners get the strategy, processes, systems, and policies in place, so they can run their business more efficiently and smoothly.

Our team of experienced management consultants and analysts focus on providing strategic direction to your company. We start with a thorough assessment of your business, and once we develop an understanding of your operations and goals, we develop a plan. We then work closely with the SME owner or senior management to implement those strategic plans.

How We Help SMEs? 

  • Business Automation
  • Develop new systems to increase productivity, in terms of speed, reduce waste, improve quality and cut costs
  • Reduce risks associated with key personnel exits
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • A transition toward more sustainable business practices, policies, systems, and operations
  • Drive more reliable and more predictable revenue growth
  • Increase the rate of return on your investment
  • Significantly increase the value and profitability of the business

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