Investor Fundraising

Fundraising is necessary if you want to scale your business to the next level. Everybody has a different model of fundraising, Dhirubhai Ambani leveraged equity markets for growth, Tata Group has used debt judiciously for expansion and startups like Flipkart and Oyo have raised millions and billions of dollars in VC investor fundraising.

Startup Investor Fundraising: DNA Growth can help in end-to-end transaction services from making your company investor ready to due diligence, to investor outreach and final closing.

DNA Growth has a network of VCs, angel investors, and associate relationships which are tapped for giving deserving startups an opportunity to present their ideas to the relevant group of investors.

Business Fundraising: Business Fundraising can range from debt funding to PE funding to SME IPOs. DNA Growth can help you arrange funding at the lowest cost rates and at the most favorable terms.

The funding opportunities are available for deserving businesses with strong growth potential, solid teams, and well-developed corporate governance frameworks.

Fundraising Case Studies

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