Immigration Visa Business Plans

DNA Growth’s Immigration Visa Business Plan Writing Services

Hiring our services is different from hiring any regular writing assistant to help you create a general business plan. In fact, hiring us will allow you to collaborate with seasoned business analysts (with over three decades of experience) to bring out your company’s business model, competitiveness, and the industry/market.

The business plans created by our team will cover all the chief attributes of your business (i.e., core offerings, business model, revenue streams, and financial projections.) It will also focus on establishing commercial viability and emphasizes the visa applicant’s role and capability to implement the planned business strategies in its entirety. Furthermore, we keep in mind the current and most relevant market, economic and political conditions in the specific country to advise the best strategy and assess the severity of such events’ impact on start-ups and early-stage businesses.

6.1 UK Immigration Visa Business Plans

Sole Representative Visa Business Plan

  • Are you a senior staff member of an overseas company from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland?
  • Do you aim to develop your first presence in the UK by setting up a fully-owned subsidiary or a branch?
  • Are you actively pursuing the Sole Representative Visa, but finding it hard to prepare a compelling business plan that can get your visa application approved?

Don’t worry because DNA Growth’s team of seasoned business planners will help you create a robust Sole Representative Visa Business Plan, which will strengthen your visa application.

How can a Sole Representative Visa Business Plan help?

The Business Plan would form an integral part of your visa application, which the Home Office would evaluate. It will add to the genuineness of your visa application.
The Business Plan will demonstrate to the Home Office how the UK branch office or subsidiary will complement the overseas parent entity’s business and improve its commercial prospects. It will also explain the execution strategies that will be carried out under your leadership while also quantifying the economic benefits generated in the UK.

Innovator Visa Business Plan

The Innovator Visa category is ideal for experienced entrepreneurs and business people with innovative, viable, and scalable business Ideas that meet new or existing market needs, both nationally and internationally. You must be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to be eligible to apply.

Before applying for an Innovator Visa, you must get your business idea endorsed by at least one of the Home Office-authorised endorsing bodies, which are: UK-based incubators, accelerators, equity firms, and other organizations with a proven track record of supporting UK entrepreneurs.

DNA Growth can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business idea. It can help you shortlist the right endorsing bodies to review your business idea (if you have not yet decided on one by yourself), understand their evaluation criteria, and come up with a robust Business Plan that will strengthen your endorsement application.

Innovator Visa Business Plan Requirements

There are two types of clients who collaborate with DNA Growth to prepare the Innovator Visa Business Plan:

  • First are the clients who have already carried out ample market research. Besides, these clients have conducted basic planning work to validate their business idea in relation to innovation, viability, and scalability.
  • The second category of clients is those who possess a basic business idea. They have yet to conduct proper research and planning. They are looking for expertise and assistance from DNA Growth to validate their business idea and optimize its innovation, viability, and scalability to make it endorsable.

Regardless of the category you belong to, our Management Consultant will carry out an initial consultation with you to specifically discuss your business idea, quality, and volume of information you can deliver to help in the Innovator business plan preparation process. The scope of work will then be set out, and the price will be quoted to you accordingly. To know more about DNA Growth’s Innovator Business Plan Methodology, get in touch with us on

Start-Up Visa Business Plan

The Start-up Visa is ideal for early-stage entrepreneurs with innovative Business Ideas who are planning to start a business in the United Kingdom for the first time. The business idea must be novel, original, innovative, and scalable nationally. To apply, you must be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Before applying for a Start-Up Visa, you must get your business idea endorsed by at least one of the Home Office-authorised endorsing bodies. It can be a higher educational institution in the UK or a UK-based organization with a proven track record of supporting UK entrepreneurs.

DNA Growth can also assist you in shortlisting the right endorsing bodies to review your business idea, understanding their evaluation criteria, and coming up with a robust Start-Up Visa Business Plan that will strengthen your endorsement application.

How can DNA Growth Help?

  • Your Start-Up Visa Business Plan will be fully compliant with the requirements of the endorsement body. DNA Growth diligently monitors and follows all the guidelines while preparing your business plan.
  • Each Start-Up Visa Business Plan prepared by DNA Growth sports visually appealing graphics, and modern designs. We highlight your business’s best features in the business plan and provide the right kind of structure that the endorsement body needs to approve your Start-Up Visa.
  • DNA Growth has a team of experienced business analysts and business plan writers who help us in providing you top-notch and industry-specific business plans that satisfy the requirements of the endorsement bodies.
  • DNA Growth exercises its wide-ranging knowledge of industry-specific best practices when preparing your Start-up Visa Business Plan. The result will be a reliable business development road map that will guide you towards your business goals.

Composition of Start-Up Visa Business Plans

  • Executive Summary
  • Product and Services Description
  • Description of The Business and Revenue Model
  • Business/Operating Strategy
  • Feasibility/Viability Analysis
  • Financial Model
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Innovation Analysis
  • Scalability Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy and Mix
  • Management Team
  • Financials
  • Scenario Analysis

The business plan we create for you will be thorough and sophisticated in its approach. It will help you get the Start-Up Visa you need. To get more information, please get in touch with us on or +1 (619) 940-4535‬, while mentioning the nature of services you are looking forward to discussing.

6.2 US Immigration Visa Business Plans

DNA Growth offers a wide range of US Immigration Visa Business Plan writing services for E2, L1-A, L1-B, and L-2 visas. Our experienced team of Immigration Visa Business Plan writers understands what the US immigration wants to see in your visa application.

U.S. Immigration requires a detailed business plan as a part of the visa application process for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to obtain a visa to work in the United States. The business plan must contain all the necessary documents and include five-year financial projections, industry trends, and market research on the business or franchise being started or purchased. It must also have complete information highlighting the detailed job descriptions and an organizational chart.

DNA Growth creates such business plans that cover all the important areas that need addressing with immigration (USCIS) and the United States Embassy. Writing a business plan can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. While some of our clients have prior experience with business plans, they may lack the time or do not have the specific knowledge required of the U.S. market to complete one thoroughly and successfully. We can relieve the burden of having to create a business plan by yourself. DNA Growth will create an affordable and professionally-written Immigration Visa Business Plan that well-incorporates all the details that your immigration application requires.

Key Components of Your Immigration Visa Business Plan:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Summary
  • 5-Year Projected Profit & Loss Statement
  • 5-Year Employee Hiring Plan
  • 5- Year Projected Balance Sheet
  • Detailed Market Analysis
  • Competition Overview
  • Web Plan Summary & Marketing Strategy
  • Detailed Industry Analysis
  • Detailed Job Descriptions
  • Organizational Chart

If you need an E2, L1-A, L1-B, or L-2 visa business plan for your upcoming visa application, we are here at your service. We will prove you with an effective, insightful, and hands-on approach to preparing an articulate Immigration Business Plan that will serve as an excellent foundation for all the other information included in your visa application.

DNA Growth has an experience of over 10 years in the field of Immigration Business Plan Writing, so you can trust us with this critical task. Our professional and experienced team is well-versed with the execution of this type of document. We will help you create a step by step plan that will help you establish your US-based business and improve your visa approval chances.

To get more information, please get in touch with us on or +1 (619) 940-4535‬, while mentioning the nature of services you are looking forward to discussing.

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