DNA Growth – Business Security Structure

The security needs of businesses have come to be much more critical than ever before. With constantly-evolving market space and other day-to-day challenges, all businesses need to stay up-to-date with all security aspects. At DNA Growth, we understand the criticality of the matter and thus ensure that all security concerns are under constant check.

DNA Growth has a rigorous Security Incident Policy for security matters of all kinds. We like to plan our Security Incident Cycle meticulously which involves:

  • Thorough review and planning of security arrangements for the concerned category which may include anything from center, personnel, system, data, or network.
  • Discovering potential threats to the system and carrying out of penetration testing.
  • Setting a business information security architecture and implementing it across the organization.

Business Security Levels

A. System & Network Level –

  • DNA Growth uses advanced detection systems in place to ensure data and process security.
  • Stringent device policies have been implemented under which no employee is allowed to carry any personal device thus assisting in the prevention of data theft.
  • All systems have been installed with the latest anti-virus, anti-malware, and cookie blockers.
  • All systems are backed with highly-efficient back-up drive management.
  • Print permission is limited to urgent prints only.
  • All system activities and network usages are closely monitored.
  • All systems have been provided window and network logins.
  • All systems are secured by unique usernames and passwords.
  • All user emails have been provided with digital signatures.
  • All desktop applications are fully secured
  • Single sign-in policy has been made mandatory for all.
  • Internet dependence is minimized through fiber optic cable and satellite connectivity.
  • UPS and power generators have been installed to deal with sudden power failure.
  • A fully-secured VPN network has been implemented across all systems.
  • Thorough administrative check, auditing, and reporting are conducted from time to time.

B. Corporeal Level –

  • All employees and visitors are required to register in our Biometric Access System.
  • All development centers are guarded 24/7 by experienced and trained security personnel.
  • All our centers are secured with CCTV cameras and other access control devices.
  • The Company has proper disaster evacuation plans in place to deal with unforeseen events such as a fire, earthquake, harsh storms, floods, etc.

C. Personnel Level –

  • DNA Growth ensures that best practices are being followed by all professionals to ensure business process security.
  • All employees are trained properly on the process security guidelines and practices so they closely follow clients' security needs.
  • The Company’s employment contracts include imperative non-disclosure of all business processes and all (internal and external) data.
  • The Company also ensures that only directly involved personnel has access to specific project information.

Security Incident Cycle

The following illustration gives a structural overview of the Company’s Security Incident Cycle that’s followed in the event of a breach.

  1. Planning: Planning and formulation of appropriate resistance strategies are critical for every business’s security architecture. DNA Growth ensures that its threat resistance protocols are clearly defined down to the most basic risk factors.
  2. Resistance: Despite careful planning and strict implementation of security protocols, security concerns may arise especially due to external elements attacking the system. In such a situation, DNA Growth would stick to the highest standards of the system resistance (which would be almost spontaneous since our planning and implementation are rigorous). Our business system is fortified with safety filters that block out any possible malware attacks while maintaining access protocols and keeping all web applications safe.
  3. Detection: Businesses, these days, operate in such high-risk environments that despite multi-level checks and resistance, some potential risks may remain unfiltered. For such glitches, it is vital to have a detection system in place. DNA Growth keeps a keen check at all levels of its system infrastructure ensuring that detected risks are clearly demarcated for easy filtration in the future.
  4. Responding: Once the risk is detected and identified, the incident managers take up the next step of the process. After the risk is mitigated permanently from the system, the whole system is checked for vulnerabilities. Thorough scrutiny is carried out to find out the underlying reasons for the breach. The system’s weak spots are identified as well so they can be fortified.

DNA Growth understands the importance of business safety and thus acts in interest to ensure the understanding percolates to all levels across the organization so that all business information remains in secure hands.