Virtual CFO Services

Finance is the lifeblood of an organization. But most MSMEs and Startups just can’t afford to hire a full time CFO. The finance function in majority of the organizations comprises of an outsourced accountant or a founder doubling up as finance head. But in complex and fast changing market environments, leaving the finance and accounting function as an afterthought can prove extremely costly for your growing organization. 

What is a Virtual CFO?

  • Virtual CFO involves redeveloping the finance function from the ground up.
  • It entails taking over book keeping, accounting, compliance on one end and executing more strategic functions like management accounting, budgeting, data and financial analytics
  • Virtual CFO will also be pivotal in fundraising support. Transaction advisory, valuations, negotiations- these are all important functions executed under the virtual CFO domain.

When You Should Hire a Virtual CFO?

1) When You Need Flexibility in Operations
By partnering with a virtual CFO, you can decide the terms of the CFO services as per your requirement, whether those terms are related to the cost or time of the services. This advantage of flexibility in service becomes even more useful for the company which usually doesn’t need a full-time CFO throughout the year. Such companies can hire a virtual CFO team with an understanding that the role of the team will be increasing/decreasing as per the requirement of the company. DNA Growth offers such flexibility to its clients, allowing them to scale up or down as per their needs.

2) When Your Business is Growing Rapidly
If your business is growing rapidly both in terms of magnitude and revenue, then your finances might start appearing like a mess to you or your current resources might not be able to handle all these growing numbers all of a sudden. This is the case when hiring a Virtual CFO team becomes imperative. Virtual CFO teams are equipped with the latest tools and resources which helps them in effectively managing your cash flows and preparing financial reports timely. DNA Growth has access to all the required latest tools and resources which allows it to meet the analytical requirements of its rapidly growing clients.

3) When You Don’t Have Requisite Financial Expertise
If you are not having the financial expertise or professionals required to discharge all the responsibilities related to the financial operations or to guide your company through financial decisions, then it is probably the right time to hire a competent virtual CFO team for your company. An experienced Virtual CFO team will not only ensure the financial wellbeing of your company but will also bring their vast amount of knowledge into action while providing services to you. DNA Growth has a team of experienced financial experts who will ensure that all your service requirements are being met in order to ensure long-term value maximization.

4) When You Need Accurate Financial Projections and Reports
If your company has access to a Virtual CFO’s services, then you’ll be able to get accurate financial projections, on which you can entrust your business decisions. Also, a Virtual CFO will ensure that customized reports are being created for you and the whole reporting process is streamlined, thus benefitting your business in the long term. DNA Growth has vast experience in Financial Modeling and Analysis & Financial Reporting, thus ensuring that you are getting detailed and error-free financial projections and financial reports.

5) When You Need a Cost-Effective Expertise
A Virtual CFO team offers a wider range of services and costs a lot less, as compared to a full-time CFO. This is why hiring a virtual CFO is a better option for both a small company that’s expanding and a large company needing a full finance division. DNA Growth’s “Pay as You Go” Model ensures that its clients are being charged for what they are getting, thus letting them have access to cost-effective expertise.

How can DNA Growth help you?

  • We can take over your finance and accounting function so that you can focus on your core operations.
  • You are not dependent on one person but have the full team of experts at your disposal.
  • DNA Growth understands not only finance but also how it ties up with the rest of the organization. So our view will always be multi-dimensional with a focus on long term value maximization.
  • Our support is not limited to finance and accounting, we can also help you identify and find the right investors who can fund you to take your business or startup to the next level.

To get more information, please get in touch with us on or +1 (619) 940-4535‬, while mentioning the nature of services you are looking forward to discussing.