Investor Business Plan

Seeking to raise capital, start a new business, or finance a project? Get a coherent, comprehensive, and compelling business plan written by our expert Business Plan Writers, a business plan that captures the essence of your business. 

Hire an Expert Investor Business Plan Writer

An Investor Business Plan is a critical document for entrepreneurs seeking to raise money to fund their companies. Writing a riveting business plan requires more than just writing skills. One needs to be a domain expert to write a winning business plan. 

Our expert business plan writers are well-versed with the concepts of business forecasting, budgeting & business planning, feasibility study, go-to-market strategy, human resource planning, etc. In addition, they are specialized in the domains of Business Analysis, Research, and Management Consulting.

Whether the business plan is intended toward an angel investor, Venture Capitalist, or any other type of private investor, our expert writers and analysts help you convince them by providing the highest level of quality in your business plan. 

DNA Growth helps you make fair assumptions and delivers an accurate business plan that manifests into a detailed roadmap with Our Business Plan Writing Services.

Get a Well-Designed, Visually-Appealing Business Plan

An Investor Business Plan that is well-designed and pleasing to the reader’s eyes is certainly more effective. There is no doubt that numbers make better sense when presented in a visually appealing manner. So, our in-house design team will make sure that your business plan has the maximum impact by creating exceptional designs for the investor business plan. We use images, graphs, infographics, and smart-art to increase the visual impact of your business plan.

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Investor Business Plan Details

Our Business Plan Writing Process

The procedure we follow for Investor Business Plan writing is simple and effective. Our writing process is designed to cater to the client’s goals while maintaining the utmost transparency at every stage of the project. 

Step 1 – Analysis of Initial Information

Based on the nature of a business’ product and service, we send the client a questionnaire to capture the required information about their business idea. We then analyze the gathered information and conduct quick research. Once that’s done, we set up a brief call with the client to discuss our analysis.

Step 2 – Creating an In-Depth Structure

After the preliminary analysis, we create a table of contents highlighting the broad ideas we aim to cover in the business plan. This detailed outline allows our team and the client to visualize the content expectations. It also helps us in delegating the work among financial analysts, researchers, and business writers. Also, the table of contents can be improvised along the process. 

Step 3 – Getting the First Draft Ready

Now comes the preparation of the first draft. During this step, our skilled team starts working on financial documents and projections. It is to be noted that the first draft is the primary document, contains unedited content that is refined in the later stages of the process. 

Step 4 – Delivering Business Plan 2.0 

Based on the client’s feedback, we make revisions in the first draft. This step requires active involvement from the clients to ensure a better output. Our processes are flexible, which means that we can easily adapt our work according to the client’s suggestions. 

Step 5 – Adding the Final Touch 

To add that final touch, we work on finalizing the content and designing the business plan. The result is an impressive and detailed business plan that paints the exact picture of your business. At this stage, we finalize the content and design of your business plan. You will get an attractive PDF file and an editable version.

Every business plan has its own requirements. Thus, we use the Effort Estimation Method to price our Investor Business Plan Writing Services. To get more information, please get in touch with us on or +1 (619) 940-4535‬, while mentioning the nature of services you are looking forward to discussing.