Maurice (Moe) Muise

Maurice joins us as our Canadian Partner.

Maurice is the President and CEO of Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.

Since 1998, Maurice has created smooth transitions for both sellers and buyers through strategic guidance and transparent, respectful negotiations. Options are explored based on the client’s goals, solutions and are built on factual knowledge. Through his international business experience in Dubai, UAE and other GCC countries, Maurice cultivated a true respect for differing points of view and the ability to bridge the gap between those ideas – a skill that is critical for successful negotiations.

In addition to honest, experienced advice and a respectful approach, Maurice is fiercely dedicated to each of his clients. He consistently keeps abreast of industry developments, ensures clarity through every step of the process and listens through every challenge and success.

Through first hand experience, exceptional industry knowledge and an approachable personality, Maurice executes smooth, clear negotiations for his clients.

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