October 25, 2019

Business Plans – A Coveted Document for Businesses in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is a complicated process due to the presence of a high level of competition. In Dubai, having a business plan is necessary to raise funding from lenders and/or investors. It is also a critical internal document that acts as a blueprint for success.

What is a business plan?

The business plan is a document that gives information about the business. It is divided into different elements such as executive summary, market research, competitor analysis, and financial projections. Each element depicts different aspects of the business. Business plans are an important document for initiating a business startup. Having a business plan will help in reducing risk and increases the chances of your success.

How do business plans act as a coveted document for businesses?

Business plans give you clarity about your business in a better way. Given below are the reasons why business plans are important for business:

  • It helps in providing a clear vision

Having a clear vision regarding the future of the business helps to ensure success in the business. Business plans provide a clear vision to the business by providing information about the objectives, mission, and products of the company.

  • It helps the business to raise funds from investors

Before investing money in the business, investors will always ask for a written document which would have information about the company, financial projections about the company’s future. A business plan will help you to convince investors to invest in your business.

  • It helps in the analysis of your company’s strength and weakness

With the help of business plans, you can analyze the strength and weaknesses of your company. This will help you to know your key areas and the areas in which you are not able to perform well.

  • It helps in getting information about the competitor

Competitor analysis helps a business to understand the market. With the help of a business plan, you can get to know your competitors and this will help you in making improvements in your product and marketing strategy for improved results.

  • It helps in getting knowledge about the market

The market research section in the business plans helps you gain knowledge about the market trends and what opportunities your business can extract from the market in years to come.


The Business plans are a comprehensive description of the product and services of the business and also includes financial statements such as balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow and break-even analysis. These statements help to forecast the present and future performance of the business. A business plan helps to give your business a new outlook with the help of market research. For new entrepreneurs business plan is an essential document.


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