February 1, 2019

How Investor Pitch Decks help in funding your startups

What is an Investor Pitch Deck?

An Investor Pitch Deck is a brief presentation prepared to present the business idea to potential investors. A pitch deck involves the objectives, estimates, vision, and mission of the proposal to be made. It reflects the future prospects of a business idea in the form of forecasts made for sales and other targets.

A pitch deck is required to be a to-the-point presentation highlighting the idea of the business to the sponsor. Pitch Deck makes it easier for the investor to clarify his doubts regarding the business plan.

Pitch deck is the first point of reference when it comes to face-to-face interactions with the financiers. Also, in some circumstances, the investors might request for the pitch deck to be sent before the meeting, so it is expected to be self-explanatory as well.

Different kind of Businesses and Business Models need a different kind of pitch decks. The requirements vary in terms of investment, nature of a business, the financial model, geography, stage of business and other key parameters.

How to make an Amazing Pitch deck?

A pitch deck explains the idea of business in a very clear and crisp form.

The To-Do list for an amazing pitch deck:

  1. Make it short and simple
  2. Keep it consistent throughout
  3. Use a single slide to present one idea
  4. Do mention your management team
  5. Make it interactive
  6. Make proper use of pictures
  7. The design should not overawe the pitch.

Don’ts of a pitch deck

  • Don’t create a lot of slides
  • Don’t use too many terms or sentences
  • Don’t use unappealing/tiny fonts
  • Don’t use technical jargon unnecessarily
  • Don’t overcommit

Why pitch decks are important?

Pitch deck is the very first impression of your business idea. It is, therefore, the most important step of introducing your business and to get it funded. So, getting a kick-ass pitch deck should be the initial step for getting your business/startup funded from investors.

We, at DNA GROWTH help you take your Company pitch deck to the next level. Our professionals tailor your plan to suit the investor requirements and bring your vision to life. We have experts from all walks of professions’ like- finance experts, design experts, content experts etc. who work together to give your pitch deck that edge.

Conclusion: How our pitch decks stand out?

  • Every Pitch deck is personalized to justify the business model.
  • Proper market research on Industry, target market, and the product is completed.
  • Professional software’s used for grammar check, design and research.
  • Experts from various fields come together to work on a single pitch deck.

“A perfect Pitch deck gets you the perfect Investors, so invest in creating the perfect pitch deck.”

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