May 27, 2020

Digital Transformation and Virtually Efficient Businesses is the Need of the Hour – As Suggested by Colonel R.K. Jain (Leading Pharmacy Proprietor)

DNA Growth- Please brief me a little about your company and what inspired you to start this venture?
Col. – I served in defense for at least 30 years and till I retired, Mrs. Jain launched and handled the venture for more than two and a half years. I always had a knack for business, which served as a major inspiration.

We are operating at state and inter-state level. Basically, we are acting as a depot for three major pharma companies. We make the medicines available and then sell them to distributors, wholesalers and stockists. We are the main pillars for strengthening the supply chains of the companies.


DNA Growth-What challenges did you have to face during your journey?
Col. – Firstly, It was a difficult thing for people to accept that a lady is so successfully operating a business. But, Mrs. Jain totally owned her work and eventually made a place for herself in this fast-paced business world.

Secondly, a major problem was that we wanted all the payments through cheque. During those days, it would take eternities for a cheque to even get to the clearinghouses. It is only a few years ago that we got a competent banking system, before that it was all chaos.


DNA Growth-What do you have to say regarding the current situations arisen due to Covi-19?
Col. – Certainly, there is a little lifestyle change. We are all at home and we have enough spare time to learn the skills that we couldn’t learn earlier due to the lack of time. About me, I am learning to be more proficient in using the internet.


DNA Growth-How do you predict the business results for this year, based on the present scenario?
Col.-We would have to make various changes in our businesses. For instance, we will have to go virtual and do certain things online than in person. Also, it’s the responsibility of leaders to get people out of their shells and start working again. We hope we come out of this adversity stronger than before.


DNA Growth-How do you think MSMEs should perceive this Corona Virus situation?
Col.-I would suggest that people should use this time for self-analysis. They should make the best of this time and stop brooding about a thing that is completely out of our control. MSME owners can start thinking of ways to digitize their businesses and become more virtually-efficient. All I can say is even if we can find a single ray of sunshine during these dark times, we should stick with it and make the best use of it.