June 8, 2020

Encouraging Preventive Health Diagnostics to Ensure Good Health of Every Individual

DNA Growth- What is the nature of your business?
Dr. Japji– I am a second-generation pathologist, and grew up seeing my dad looking after the lab. The motive of my venture is not only curative diagnostics but also to promote the importance of preventive health. The view about diagnostics is changing across the world. Initially, people belonging to the western countries were the ones who showed a genuine interest in preventive health, but now people in India too are becoming more aware. We wish to encourage this trend and provide people with the best services there are.


DNA Growth- What are the type of services that you are offering to your clients?
Dr. Japji– We offer a wide variety of lab tests, but our focus is to promote preventive health. We basically simplify the age-wise health packages for better understanding of our clients and encourage them to undertake these tests at least once a year. These tests are not a marketing gimmick, we advise people to undertake these tests not just for the sake of it or because they are cheap, but because they are important.


DNA Growth- What upgradations have you made in this organization since you joined?
Dr. Japji– I joined this organization in 2016 and in 2018 we upgraded our lab to NABL, which is an accreditation based on international standards. NABL accreditation makes our report acceptable all across the world. In addition, it instills confidence in our own selves because we follow all the protocols laid by NABL and it also gives our customers who are familiar with NABL, the confidence that they are getting tested in our lab. We are the only standalone non-corporate lab in Ludhiana to be NABL accredited.


DNA Growth- How has Covid-19 affected your business and how are you dealing with it?
Dr. Japji– Yes, no doubt preventive health has been impacted due to Covid-19. Though we suggest our clients to take precautionary measures and stay safe, from a business point of view we will have to look at the “new normal” and learn from the old one. The success of our venture and almost every business there is, depends upon how well are we able to adapt to the “new normal”.


DNA Growth- What do you think is the “new normal” for your industry?
Dr. Japji– No doubt, there will be a lot of awareness about preventive health from now on, yet due to the downfall of the economy people won’t prefer to spend their money on preventive health diagnostics. But the focus will definitely shift towards health. Insurance and health will become paramount for a lot of people


DNA Growth- What innovation are you planning for your business post Covid-19?
Dr. Japji– It’s normal for a lot of patients to be apprehensive about going to the lab for getting the tests done, so we are offering home tests facility which helps ensure the safety of our clients. Also, the staff has been trained accordingly and proper measures have been taken to make the process safe and smooth. In addition, all necessary measures have been taken at the lab to make it absolutely safe for our clients.


DNA Growth- What makes your venture stand out from those big corporate competitors?
Dr. Japji– See, anything that makes a business stand out from the other is innovation. At our end, we believe that what we really want to offer to our clients, in terms of innovation, is reliability and cost-effectiveness, and that is what we bank on. Quality in terms of customer experience, accurate reports, and NABL accreditation. We try to surpass traditional corporates in terms of service. Also, our pricing is 30-40% cheaper than that of corporates. This not only gives us an edge over our competitors but also makes us serve our clients better.


DNA Growth- What different could you do during the lockdown?
Dr. Japji– I spent some quality time with my family and made my health a priority which was pushed to the side lane during my day-to-day hustle. Furthermore, I have gotten time to analyze my business, about what is being done right in our business, and what are our shortcomings. At the same time, I think businesses should get in touch with professional analytical companies like DNA Growth and plan their business for the “new normal”, as I mentioned earlier