May 27, 2020

Everyone Should Focus on Building a Strong Online Presence To Curb the Impact of Covid-19 Crisis on Their Respective Businesses

DNA Growth- How did you start your business and what is the nature of your business?
Nitin Sharma: – We are into printing field. I started this business in 2008 on a very small scale with only one printing machine. At that time, screen printing was very popular, so we also had a manual screen printing set up. At the initial stage, I had a few clients in and around Ludhiana. Now, it’s been a 12 years long interminable journey.


DNA Growth- What inspired you to venture into a printing business?
Nitin Sharma: – It was not just about inspiration, it was how things worked out. Things just fell into place. While in college, I was working in a related company. I learned a lot about printing press from that job and implemented all that knowledge into setting up this business. Before opening the business, I made sure I had gathered enough experience and learned all the necessary skills. It was important to be familiar with all the technologies, techniques, and tricks used in the printing industry.


DNA Growth- What challenges did you have to face in setting up your business?
Nitin Sharma: – Initial challenges were more about capital and what industry should I target for my product. During the initial stage, I was fortunate enough to secure tie-ups with various educational institutions and corporates. These corporate tie-ups provided a great boost to my business.


DNA Growth- What are the services and solutions that your company provides to your clients?
Nitin Sharma: – I believe that we are a very unique house. I have a competent team of designers who turn the client’s ideas into creative realities. We have a full-fledged in-house printing facility with state-of-the-art machineries. From graphic designing to printing to branding, we make sure that our company serves as a one-stop destination for all our client’s needs. We respect the client’s time and provide them convenience at its best.


DNA Growth- What effect does Covid-19 have on your business?
Nitin Sharma: – Covid-19 has shattered the entire chain of orders. Our order book has run dry due to the Covid-19 situation. It’s like my business has time-travelled to 10 years back, when we were just beginning.

Though the printing industry has been hit hard by the economic effects of this virus, I am very hopeful that the packaging and labelling segments of my business will flourish. The requirement for boxes, labels, and other such material is expected to rise in the time to come. It’s because medical essentials are being packaged and transported from one place to another. This is being done by making use of boxes and other sorts of packaging material.

Also, I feel the signage industry will take much more time than the printing industry to bounce back.


DNA Growth- What is the message do you want to give to your clients and the readers?
Nitin Sharma: – I have attended various webinars and been part of various discussions related to the survival of businesses in the current situation. I would like to sum all the information up into just one line that tough people stay and the tough times pass. It’s the most motivational quote I have come across and I hope it brings motivation to other people as well. We have always recovered from adversities. If we stay patient, I am sure we will be able to come through this situation as well. At the moment, I believe our main focus should be on ourselves and our health.


DNA Growth- What do you think is the year 2020 going to be like for the business?
Nitin Sharma: – We are on survival mode basically. Our present motive should be to hang in there and stay focused. There definitely will be decline but businesses should not lose hope. We have got this time and we can make the best use of it to plan about new products. We can also increase our business’s online presence. I am sure the internet and digitization are going to play a huge role in businesses, in the coming time.