May 27, 2020

Positive Vision During Lockdown Helped Leading Cosmetics Distributor Start A New Venture on Health & Hygiene Products

DNA Growth- Please tell me a little about your business.
Ashok Dhir – We deal in cosmetics’ distribution throughout Punjab and J&K. We are working with brands like Ayur herbal, Rosa herbal, Revlon, Wild stone, Milap cosmetics, and Khadi natural company.


DNA Growth- What inspired you to start this business?
Ashok Dhir – I had a natural inclination towards this business as my elder brother was already in this line. I joined him in 1980. I have been into this venture ever since.

Initially the distribution was only limited to Ludhiana. During, 1980-1995 we focused specifically on the distribution within the district. Slowly and gradually we were able to gain the trust of companies. The companies then entrusted us with the state vise distribution. This is how my business upscaled. Now, we have almost 110 distributors all over Punjab.

I always believe in building relationships and supple handling of the business. This I think is important for the long-term functioning of the business.


DNA Growth- What are some challenges that your business had to face when the lockdown started?
Ashok Dhir – As soon as the lockdown started, I could prophesize that my business will face a huge depression during the next few months. I couldn’t sit idle knowing what’s going to happen to my business, so I changed my vision. I tied-up with a sanitizer company and started working on its distribution. There is always something a person can do to make the hard times, a little less hard. Talking about cosmetics, I know they are luxury products and people won’t opt for buying them any time soon.


DNA Growth- How did you use your time during this lockdown?
Ashok Dhir – I used every second of it to think and come up with ways to cover-up for the losses my business will face in the coming future. I think instead of thinking about the problem, we should always look for a solution. I knew it is my business, it is only me who could do something to help it survive. I took the matter in my hands and took immediate action. Sitting and menacing about the situation is not really the appropriate approach.


DNA Growth- What is the message you want to convey for people struggling due to Coronavirus?
Ashok Dhir – The only way to come out of this situation is to be flexible. We need to understand how the demand is changing. Working our way around that changing demand is how businesses will be able to stay afloat during these turbulent times.