June 16, 2020

Staying Calm and Being Positive is the Only Way to Overcome This Situation

DNA Growth – How did you start your business? What is the nature of your business and its growth story?
Varun – My family is into the manufacturing of iron and steel and the distribution of Crompton LED fans & lights. We were also handling Patanjali’s distribution for the Ludhiana region.
I personally am into the export of paper and concrete building products, to the African market and the Middle East, for the last 7 years.


DNA Growth – How has your journey been till date? What were the initial challenges you had to face in your business?
Varun – The initial challenge was concerned with the launch of a new product because we’re not familiar with its market. So, gaining knowledge of the new customer base was a major challenge. Also, hiring the right talent that can efficiently run the operations of the business is in itself a challenging task.


DNA Growth – What are the services that you’re currently providing to your clients?
Varun – We are basically exporting A4 photocopy paper, cut sheets as well as jumbo rolls, and then writing & printing paper for notebooks, as per requirement. There is a newsprint paper for the newspaper, and another thing called grey board and white dashboard which are used for making boxes.


DNA Growth – How has your company created an edge over the competitors and what is the USP of your business?
Varun – In the foreign market, customers are looking for a quick response, as per the promises made by the organization. In any case, if we are not able to meet the customer requirement, they can contact the manufacturer. That’s not good for the business. So, it’s important to complete orders on time & fulfill the customer requirement. And I believe we’re good at delivering products well within the time promised. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) branding is another USP of our business. In it, we provide the customer with a good facility that the competitors are not able to provide.


DNA Growth- What are the challenges that your industry or company is facing due to the lockdown?
Varun – Lockdown is a major challenge for the business. But we’re positive about it. As soon as the conditions improve, we’ll get back to the business with some new concepts. So that we are able to recover the loss we are making right now.


DNA Growth – How are you spending your time during the lockdown?
Varun –We’re working on some new concepts that can help us in the future. We’re figuring out what exactly clients want or are they satisfied with the services which we’re providing them. Our business believes in being optimistic in every situation.


DNA Growth – What are you planning for your business post lockdown?
Varun – Whenever the situation will be under control, the business will reinstate. The concepts we’re working on right now will help business after the lockdown. Our team is incessantly coming up with new ideas and we are working on them. As we know this COVID-19 situation is going to take time, so we’re ensuring the clients that the price of the product will remain the same.


DNA Growth – What message do you want to put across?
Varun – We’re positive towards our business and will suggest everyone to stay calm. There is no need to worry about anything. Businesses can overcome this situation. People need to support each other in any possible way they can. In this situation, people want support from their friends, colleagues, and family, there is no need to spread any type of negativity.

Staying optimistic and supporting each other is the main thing that I would like to recommend to everyone.