May 27, 2020

Supporting Indian Manufacturing Companies is the Only Way Out to Boost India’s Economy

DNA Growth- What is the name of your company and the nature of your business?
Gautam- The name of my company is Autoworld. We make 2-wheeler components. So, basically an automobile-part manufacturing company.


DNA Growth- What is the growth story of your company?
Gautam– We started in 2010. Back then, I had recently graduated and I was an intern at a similar company. Right after my engineering, I rented out a small factory and started with just 10 people. Within a year, I was able to buy my own factory and also increase my turnover and the number of employees. There was no looking back after that.


DNA Growth- What are the initial challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?
Gautam– I was very young when I started the company, so there was a learning curve involved. I was just a mechanical engineer, a technical person, and did not quite understand the legalities of the business. It was with time that I was able to learn and overcome this knowledge gap. I was able to grasp a lot of things from my father.


DNAGrowth-What are the products and services you are providing to your clients?
Gautam- Initially we were just into the manufacturing silencer parts of two-wheelers. Then we moved into making frame parts for motorcycles, scooter parts, and even parts for washing machines.


DNA Growth- What are the challenges do you think your industry is facing due to Covid-19?
Gautam- Clearly, the biggest problem faced by my industry at the moment is the rapid fall in cash-flow. Also, due to labor migration most of the labor has traveled back to the home town. It will be very difficult to manage the workplace when we open up. People right now are more concerned about survival rather than luxury. When people start moving in the market and start buying automobiles and two-wheelers, only then will our business be able to flourish.


DNAGrowth- What are some measures you will have to take for your business, once the lockdown is over?
Gautam- The first and foremost measure that I will have to take is to cut down costs. I will have to cut down any extra, overhead, and miscellaneous costs for the solvency of the business. There would be no traveling and meeting people, everything will be done virtually. We will have various additional measures to make up for the orders that we could not sustain.


DNA Growth- What message do you want to put across all the readers?
Gautam- As we know all about the tough times and current situations due to Covid-19, my only message for the readers will be to support Indian manufacturers. Post this lockdown we should stand as an Indian. We should buy products that are made by Indian companies. Only then can we come out of this economic fallout. That is how the economy will kick in.