June 16, 2020

We Do Have Challenges to face, but India’s Economy is Strong Enough to Handle This Pandemic

DNA Growth: What are the nature of the business?
Aseem Sood: The name of my company is Sood Plywood House. Basically, it’s a manufacturing and wholesale company.


DNA Growth: What is the growth story of your company?
Aseem Sood: As mentioned earlier, I run a manufacturing and wholesale company. This is our family business, it started in 1980, I joined it after completing my education. When I joined the company, I joined it with a fresh perspective, we established a few changes in the business through which I was able to take it to new heights.


DNA Growth: How is your company different from your competitors?
Aseem Sood: We’re different from our competitors in terms of the knowledge that we have and our relationship with the customers. The main priority of our company is to provide good quality service to our clients.


DNA Growth: What are the challenges you think your industry is facing due to Covid-19?
Assem Sood: We may be facing fewer challenges than other companies because we’re habitual of working from home. According to me, India’s economy is strong enough to handle this pandemic situation. Everything will be under control soon.


DNA Growth: What are some measures you will have to take for your business, once the
lockdown is over?
Aseem Sood: I don’t think I need to take any extra measures in the future. Because we are already working on it, there are no barriers for us. We would start a business with the same energy after this situation gets better.


DNA Growth: How have you been spending your ‘stay-at-home’ time?
Aseem Sood: I am able to self-resonate and spend more time with my family, it always felt like I could not make enough time for my family. I am also spending much of the time on the internet learning more about technology.


DNA Growth: What message do you want to put across to our readers?
Aseem Sood: I am aware that the world is facing health as well as an economic crisis at the moment. But I believe, we will get through it. I have faith that just like every other difficulty that might have come our way over the past, we will be able to rise above this situation as well.