March 6, 2019

Investor Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation Design

What is a Pitch Deck?

Pitch Deck is a modern-day mode of introducing the business plan of your organization in an effective and concise manner to an audience comprising potential investors, venture funds, crowdfunding platforms, high net-worth individuals, prospective partners and co-founders, small shareholders, etc. with the aim of procuring finance for your venture.

Investor Pitch Deck is a sort of electronic, graphical and audio-visual presentation while having a face-to-face meeting with the prospective investors. The goal is to exhibit and highlight the positive points in an impressive manner within the shortest possible time and with the use of minimum words. Remember that the venture capitalists and high net-worth individuals to whom you are going to present, are not only very busy but also are financial/business wizards in their own right. What they intend to have is an overview of your company and the market. You have to present a true picture of your company before them with the sole motto of convincing the investors to fund your entrepreneurial dreams.  Never forget the saying, “A first impression is the last impression.” Impressive and powerful presentation during the first five minutes is crucial to make up the minds of prospective investors.

Significant Data Points for Investor Pitch Deck:

You would have to present various positive data points before your prospective clients & investors:

  1.    Start with the brief introduction of your venture. Narrate a brief talk about how the idea about this venture occurred to you.
  2.    Presentation of an overview of your qualifications & experience and that of your co-partners, co-founders, and other essential team members.
  3.    The working field of your venture and the marketability of the goods or services you are going to render.
  4.    A true picture of the competition already prevailing in the market, and how you are going to face and win over already established players.
  5.    What would be the expected size of the market or your product/services in the foreseeable future? Whether you would be servicing only the domestic market or you intend to enter into the international arena?
  6.    Whether your product or your services are unique? If so, what are the unique points – Venture funds like & prefer to invest in the untrodden fields in order to have mega returns in the absence of any major competition.
  7.    The projected estimates of the volume of operations, cash inflows in terms of revenues to be earned and sales to be materialized; gross and net profitability ratios; return on funds deployed, etc.
  8.    The budget planned by you for your venture. The types of resources (short-term, long-term, working capital, funding against the stock, finance against book debts/debtors, etc.) you aim to procure.
  9.    At the end of the presentation, your audience may ask you various types of questions about your project. You must have done your homework forgiving on the spot answers accurately.
  10.     Before the end of the presentation, your contact details like your & your prominent team-members’ names, phone numbers & postal address of your office, personal mobile numbers, email addresses should be highlighted in the last slide – so that the prospective client can easily contact you later on, for any query or clarification about your venture.
  11.    Last but not the least; you have to express your appreciation and gratefulness to your clients/prospective investors for their valuable time and patient reading/listening to your Pitch Deck presentation.

Why Choose us for your Investor Pitch Deck Designer

DNA Growth specializes in preparing Pitch Desk Presentations for your venture in a professional manner. The process starts after we undertake an analytical comprehensive study of the operational and financial activities of your overall business plan, the nature of the industrial/services sector, the detailed profile of your startup project, the philosophy of the management, capital requirements, sources of finance solicited and their flexibility, overall capital structure, the attainable objectives and goals, on both short-term basis and long-term basis and other potential financial activities and matters in addition to the laws of the land. The focus of investor pitch deck is to recreate your vision in a smart, corporate presentation so that investors can understand your business idea and its potential correctly.

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