March 12, 2019

KPI Key Performance indicator Analysis and Consulting Service

KPI Analysis

Introduction: KPI Analysis is basically the critical analysis through the application of “Key Performance Indicators (KPI)”. The performance is measured and monitored through the KPI. KPI is a set of measures to judge the performance of a business house and then make suitable recommendations so as to achieve the pre-determined objectives of the organization as well as outperforming than the competitors. These indicators reflect the healthy successful financial performance of an organization.

Need for KPI Analysis: As the demand of the products of a business house grows, the company naturally goes in for setting up of additional capacities in order to meet the growing demand and garner more share in the market in comparison to its competitors and to maintain the quality of the goods and services, it deals in. The organization has to go in for KPI Analysis services to meet all these goals, so that the strengths of the company are further boosted and weaknesses, if any, are overcome, within the shortest possible time.

Like Complete Body Scan: The prime motto of KPI analysis services is to turn the statistical data available into valuable information in order to assist the higher management to have actionable insight into that information so as to take crucial timely decisions for the speedier growth and development of the organization with the utmost accuracy. In layman’s language, we can describe KPI analysis of a business house like the complete body scan of a patient in the hospital so as to enable him/ her to become perfectly healthy.

KPI Key Performance Indicators Analysis:

There are primarily Seven Key Performance Indicators covered under the KPI Analysis are:
  1. Performance Measure: This key component of KPI Analysis evaluates the actual performance of the organization in respect to the pre-determined aims, goals, objectives and targets for different time intervals. This measure covers a comparison between the actual and the budgeted costs; revenues earned and the margins – so as to deeply observe the volumes and the bottom-line.
  2. Performance Status Indicator: This indicator enables the organization to find out the positive performance as well as a negative performance at any point of operation so that immediate, concrete and feasible action could be taken to remove the negativity; and at the time to further strengthen the positive performance in order to have the excellent results.
  3. Project Performance Data: This indicator makes an in-depth comparison of the performance levels achieved between the past and the current levels. This indicator enables the organization to continuously move on to the path of progress. The cause of any deviation/negative performance is to be immediately diagnosed.
  4. Project Unit Specific: Every project is different and unique than the other projects. Although any two projects may have certain similarities, yet each and every project is unique in itself and thus unit specific key indicators are to be created and tracked accordingly.
  5. Threshold Level: This indicator sets the threshold performance level of all the product lines of the company; which have to be exceeded so as to accelerate the progress. If any of the levels remain below the threshold level, then immediate remedial measures are taken, so as to achieve at least the threshold levels, depending upon the size of the organization, nature of products, etc.
  6. Tolerance Level: It is the comparison of the levels achieved in the past with the current actual levels so as to find out whether the rate of growth & development is on the increasing side, has remained at the same level or it has gone any decrease. In case, there has been any decrease, it is to be fixed as to how much internal decrease can be tolerated due to change in external business scenario.
  7. Trend Indicator: This indicator tells us whether the trend of the organization is upwards or downwards and also the trend of overall industrial scenario in the country.

Our Services:

We undertake complete KPI Analysis for your organization on a continuing basis at suitable intervals, as per the requirements of the business house. We, first of all, completely comprehend the nature of the products sold by the corporate house and the business objectives of the organization. We effectively communicate, interact and develop inter-personal relations with the product managers, sales & marketing professionals, set the priorities after thorough discussions with them and gather the required data for undertaking the in-depth KPI Analysis. We present our report to the top management in easily comprehensible terms, after undertaking the critical analysis on the basis of parameters of KPI, utilizing the best of our analytical and problem-solving skills. Along with the report, we also make feasible and valuable recommendations to the management in line with the requirements and priorities of the business house.

Our working style is like that of an active collaborator and team member. We deeply involve ourselves with the business house and meet the tight deadlines set for us.


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