Last updated: September 10, 2022

Please note that all the terms discussed under this Refund and Cancellation Policy are fully applicable to all the clients/customers of DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd., irrespective of the type of service they have availed of or the mode they have used for making payment (such as debit card/credit card/PayPal/Razorpay or any other payment gateway or platform).

1. Refund Policy

In a very rare and unfortunate scenario, where the refund is claimed by the client, the following given Refund Policy is strictly followed by the DG growth Ventures:

1.1. DG Growth Ventures is a services-based consulting firm and is fully eligible to be compensated against its time, experience, expertise, advisory, consulting, and services. Any amount earned in its scope of services is not refundable unless expressly declared. However, the Company offers the revisions to any of the work delivered to the clients, in case they are not satisfied with that particular deliverable or final draft.

1.2. Management Fee and Consulting Fee is treated as advance payment and considered as earned against the time and services of the Consultant, thus making them non-refundable.

1.3. If the premature termination is happening prior to rendering the full services, then the amount received as an advance is treated as the fees for the services rendered till that very point. If the full scope of services is completed, the Client might not be eligible for any refund.

1.4. Full refund will be issued only in the rare case of a technical error such as double charging. There might be a deduction of appropriate administrative expenses while issuing the refund.

1.5. Any success fee, referral fee, brokerage fee, commission, or repatriation once earned is not refundable.

1.6. In any particular service request, the refund policy stated and described in its service contract is considered as an annex to this refund policy and is enforceable.

2. Changes to or Cancellation in the Agreement

Any kind of changes in the agreement entered into between the client and DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. are prohibited, except for some of the exceptional cases discussed below:

2.1. If the client makes any changes in the order/his requirements in terms of the final deliverable after the contract/agreement has been concluded shall entitle DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. to either modify the term of delivery and/or the quoted price or refuse to execute the order/deliverable. However, it must be noted that in the latter case, the Client shall pay for the work/research/service already performed/offered.

2.2. Cancellation of an order/commitment by the Client shall entitle DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. to claim payment of any work already performed for that client under that order/agreement as well as compensation for hours spent on research for the remainder of the order. DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. shall provide the work performed till that point to the client at his request, but the Company will not guarantee the quality of that work as its execution is interrupted by the Client.

2.3. If DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. has reserved any resources or time for the execution of the deliverable/work/order, then it is entitled to charge at least 50% of the total fee for the non-executed part of the deliverable/work/order.

2.4. The price/fee quoted in the agreement shall apply only to the services conforming to the agreed specifications. However, DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. shall be entitled to raise the quoted/agreed price if it is asked/forced to perform more work/incur more costs/expenses that might reasonably have been foreseen at the time of concluding the contract as a result of having to work with very unclear or difficult specifications or incomplete information or false data or corrupted files. Please note that this list of examples is not exhaustive.

2.5. Payment for services supplied under the agreement/contract is due prior to commencement of work or if agreed by DG Growth Ventures Pvt. Ltd. in staged payments for bulk material. It is to be noted that such payment shall be without any discount, suspension, or set-off i.e. net and in full. Additionally, if the agreed payment is not made by the client till the due date, then he/she shall be in default, right from that due date and without any prior notice of default being required.


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