June 13, 2019

In Dubai, Content is the King!!!

As a business owner in Dubai, you are constantly communicating with your clients, customers, vendors, employees, etc. Every business is now a media company as well. If you don’t get your messaging right, you are losing the perception battle. And this battle is heating up in Dubai, as your online content is the first calling card for a multitude of stakeholders.

Some important stats that will help you evaluate the Social Media opportunity in Dubai:

  1. 99% of Dubai’s Population is on Social Media.
  2. Smartphones have a 100% penetration rate
  3. Dubai residents spend almost 3 hours on Social Media every day.
  4. Facebook has 8 million, Instagram has 4.6 million and LinkedIn has over 4 million users.

Source: GMI
Content is a game changer in the online world. Targeted content with the effective promotion can work wonders for a brand. If you do not have a strong online presence, you are leaving revenue-generating opportunities on the table. It does not matter if you are B2B, B2C or B2G. Your sales funnel is not optimized if you are not generating relevant online content on a regular basis.

Let’s have a look at different forms of marketing where content plays a major role.

Types of Content Marketing in Dubai

  • Blogs- Studies say that sites with blogs have a much higher chance to appear on the first page of Google search. Blogs help in increasing the organic reach of any website or page.

    Source: Lyfe

As you can see in this image, there is 434%+ chance of indexed pages for a website with blogs, 97%+ companies’ websites with blogs have more inbound and indexed links.

  • Videos- The more time any viewer spends on your website, the better. The time spent on a website increases by 105%, if videos are used. Almost one-third of the time spent online is spent on watching videos. The content of the video is thus significant to get the customer hooked.
  • Infographics- An infographic presents the information to the audience in an enhanced graphical way. These are basically built to educate the audience. The infographic helps in visualizing the data and statistics in an effective manner.
  • Industry reports- Industry reports are basically made by firms which need market research to highlight growth in a particular market/industry. These provide facts and numbers regarding the subject of the report. Presenting content in an effective manner is thus the key to building competitive industry reports. The reports help in pitching for projects and/or educating a client wrt a new market opportunity. With Dubai Expo 2020 around the corner, industry report can be leveraged as a marketing tool to convince clients.
  • E-Magazines- Ebooks/ magazines help in building a relationship with the audience in an informal framework and are usually more focused on providing a branding push up.
  • Social Media posts- Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter play an important role in building a relationship with the customers. It is no secret that social media has great power in influencing potential customers. The quality of content and the way it is presented plays a huge role in this.

All the Content Marketing strategies help in generating organic audience which help businesses in the long run. The thing that matters the most is the quality of content.


  • Image of a thought leader- Well-presented and promoted content helps your business become the thought leader in your domain.
  • Open and honest appearance- Content development should be informative and genuine.
  • More approachable- With Content marketing, you appear on different platforms of social media, through which it is easier for the audience to understand your agenda and contact, in case of query.
  • Revenue- Well-built content helps in sales, automatically.
  • SEO- Creating impactful content helps you in improving your SEO rankings in Dubai.

The idea behind content marketing is to educate customers (Potential and actual) genuinely by presenting accurate information that helps in generating trust among the customers.
In Dubai, ‘trust’ plays a huge role. DNA Growth can help you build that trust with your clients and a larger audience.
DNA Growth is a global professional services provider specializing in Content Development and Digital Marketing Solutions. Contact our Dubai Partner, Mr Kanav Minocha @ kanav.dubai@dnagrowth.com (or alternatively feel free to WhatsApp him on +971 56149 8070) to understand how we can help you with the same.


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