November 14, 2018

DNA Growth: 5 Reasons Why you Should use Infographics to Explain your ICO to Investors

Infographics are an interactive medium to represent information in an interesting manner and engage the audience. It involves the use of design elements to represent content in a visual format. They should not be confused with images that are just an extended version of the written article. Infographics on the other hand depict complex information in a clear and precise manner and are designed, keeping in mind the output and relevant impact it shall produce.

They generally include:
• Color coding
• Reference icons
• Maps
• Graphics

DNA Growth Infographics

Marketers claim that the trend of using infographics has gone up by over 100% in 2018. Infographics are an interactive medium to convey information for complex topics like ICO, which carry lengthy texts and might seem complicated or boring to a subset of readers. ICO infographics are designed by professionals who have sound knowledge about the industry as well as the creative world. DNA Growth offers infographics design services by experts who are proficient in creating such designs. Our team delivers superior content along with amazing visual aesthetics that can be customized according to the needs of the client.

The main advantages of using Infographics are:

1) EASILY SCANNED & VIEWED: Infographics are appealing to the eye and attract a lot of attention. People prefer facts, figures, and graphs over normal textual content as they are more attractive and easy to comprehend. And though this is an article on Infographics (and articles still do have a place in social media hierarchy), engagement with Infographics is simply at the next level.

2) INCREASE TRAFFIC: According to research done by Inc., 70% of internet users prefer learning through content rather than through traditional advertisements. In the era of content marketing, customers prefer visual content over traditional content.

3) BRAND AWARENESS: Infographics incorporate the company’s logo strategically and increase brand visibility. Use of infographics is also good for SEO as visuals are easy to share which increase the Google index of the website due to the Page rank algorithm of Google.

4) CAN BE EMBEDDED: One of the biggest technical advantages is that they are portable and embeddable in design. The infographic can be linked to the respective site, targeting a larger audience. Infographics can be easily tracked and analyzed yielding better market insights.

5) SHOW SUBJECT UNDERSTANDING OF THE TOPIC: The research required to make infographics takes a reasonable amount of time and thorough knowledge of the topic. Using infographics to market the company will establish it as a subject matter expert amongst the readers. It is always easy to explain a topic in 2000 words, only a true expert can do it in through an infographic.

CONCLUSION: The new era of marketing has led to the development of new trends. Infographics are getting popular day-by-day amongst ICO marketers. They allow users to skim through the content quickly thereby ensuring maximum engagement. Leverage DNAGrowth’s expert team to create that super infographic.

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