March 4, 2019

Financial Forecasting Analysis Services


Financial Forecasting Analysis is the base and backbone of any organization as it monitors and takes care of all the economic activities undertaken by that organization.  The basic and prime motive of FFA is to assist & support and make relevant recommendations to the higher management to take crucial operational, strategic and tactical decisions on a short-term basis as well as long-term basis regarding overall financial health and growth of the organization. Financial Forecasting Analysis Service suggests the allocation of resources in such a way to accomplish the best possible financial outcomes. The top management of any organization may find itself incapacitated to take investment and financing decisions in the absence of FFA.

Financial Forecasting Analysis Service:

Financial forecasting service includes in itself all the accounting & fiscal activities and operations of the organization and thus covers many topics but mainly focuses on balance sheets, statement of affairs, reports, developing and monitoring of budget, setting up the financial objectives leading to the path of expansion and growth and tracking thereof, effective analysis of cost-benefit, organizational revenues and expenses, tax filings, and last but not the least, evaluating & forecasting the financial performance of the organization as a whole and also department-wise as regards volumes in terms of sales & revenues, and pricing of the product/s & gross/net margins.

Goals of Financial Forecasting Analysis:

The two goals of FFA are to assist the top management in framing policies for the “Profit Maximization” and “Wealth Maximization” of the organization. Financial forecasting service serves as an essential aid to investment decisions. That is the reason that Financial Forecasting Analysis Service involves preparation of monthly/quarterly financial statements reflecting true reports on time, with the purpose of conducting performance evaluations on regular basis, and tracking and comparing the actual performance with the pre-determined targets, finding out the reasons for the deviations, etc for undertaking timely remedial measures; with the sole motto of developing efficiencies in order to generate more profitability.

Capital Requirements:

Financial Forecasting Analysis activities also include forecasting capital requirements by way of accurate assessment of fund requirements, identifying the various financial resources, and guide the higher management regarding the most suitable action plan for acquiring funds through the issuance of a combination of various financial instruments like equity shares, preference shares, debt funds including bonds and debentures, loans to be taken as per short-term/long-term requirements and retained earnings, etc. FFA also suggests policies, processes & procedures improve the operational efficiency of the company, proper fund flows & utilization thereof, cost controls, keeping an eye on the company’s long-term growth goals.

Other Activities:

The other activities of Financial Forecasting Analysis Service are:

  1. a) Risks & Uncertainties: FFA also involves mitigation and minimization of risks involved, uncertainty factors, and choosing the right and the most appropriate policies for assessing risk and a plan that details the steps to be taken in case these risks materialize.
  2. b) Time Value of Money: Its activities also include the analysis of the time value of money. FFA weighs the pros and cons of future contracts and investments so that a cost-benefit analysis can be carried out.   

About Ourselves:

Our company professionals include Finance MBAs, CFAs, CPAs, Cas, Actuaries Professionals. As it is said, “The most reliable way to forecast is to try to understand the present.” We not only try but completely & fully comprehend and grasp the current financial performance of the organization from the quantitative information available and conduct a deep financial forecasting consultant service, suggesting both qualitative and qualitative measures to take the company on the highway of growth. The aim is to help clients devise a risk-free, secure process for achieving his/her financial goals. Whether your requirements may pertain to raising funds for your company, taking domestic/international financial decisions, or risk management, etc., our professionals would assist you in arriving at the most advantageous solutions for your organization.

Our Services:

We can render our services for analyzing the overall business environment, setting the attainable objectives and goals for your organization through maximum utilization of available financial resources, in-depth analysis, and quantification of resources, budgeting to control costs involved and for other potential financial matters.  After a comprehensive study of the company’s past performance, current scenario, we undertake an analysis of the financial activities projected on both short-term (operational) basis and long-term (strategic) basis and forecast the financial position accordingly. We provide financial forecasting for startups, finanical forecasting for small business.

We undertake a thorough study of the nature of industrial sector in which your organization is a key player, the detailed profile of your company, the philosophy of the top management, capital required, sources of finance & their flexibility, capital structure besides the regulatory requirements as per the law of the land. We assist your CFO, CEO, MD and other directors in setting-up financial objectives of your company, designing financial plans, policies and procedures and regular review thereof on a regular basis. We help your business to grow through proper utilization of capital, better fund management, better utilization of assets, optimizing scaling of operations to have an increasing rate of returns, formulation of advantageous capital structure, and more effective coordination among various departments so as to achieve long term sustainable growth. Get in touch with us for Financial Forecasting and Analysis Service.

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