November 26, 2019

How Business Plans help your business understand the market they will cater to?

In Dubai these days there is a high level of competition in every segment whether it is food, beverage, automobiles financial services or any other segment. The reason behind this is the entry of various new businesses. Choosing the market to be catered to is a very important decision for your new startup. Business plans help you understand the market you should choose. So what are business plans and how they help you understand the market?

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a document that describes the way you will run your business. It includes the vision, mission, and details about the product and services of your business. It is a proposal for investors to invest in your business. A decision about the market to be targeted is a very crucial decision for an entrepreneur. In business plans, there is a section named market research which helps you to get information about the market you want to choose for your business. It also helps you in identifying the amount of potential in the market you have chosen for your business.

How business plans help you understand the market you have chosen for your business?

Before starting any new business you need to have full knowledge of the market. Given below are some ways a business plan helps you understand the market:

  • It helps you identify the latest trends in the market

When we execute market research you understand the intricacies of the market. You are able to build a customer avatar and most importantly you are able to understand the various segments.

  • It helps you evaluate the size of the market

The size is different for each market and its individual segments. With the help of business plans, you can identify the segment which has the largest market size or has the highest growth rate. This helps in better positioning.

  • It helps you find out the competition present in the market

Competition is an important part of understanding the market. While making business plans, competitor analysis is done in order to find out the numbers of firms in the market that produce a similar product as that of ours. This helps us get market insight into what is the right pricing and right marketing message.

  • It helps to identify the upcoming opportunities in the market

When we do market research in a business plan we come to know about new opportunities of which we can take advantage of in the future. These opportunities can lead to business pivots and massive growth.

  • It helps in understanding the special characteristics of the market

Every market has some special characteristics which make it distinct from other markets. With the help of a business plan, you can get to know about the special features of the market in which you are planning to start your business.

  • It helps in reducing the level of risk

Sometimes we are not able to achieve success due to a lack of knowledge about the market. Business plans help in reducing the level of risk by providing complete knowledge of the market.


Business plans help you understand the market in a better way. It helps in determining the effectiveness of your product for the target market. The format and content of research can be different in various markets. Business plans help to reduce the risk and uncertainty by providing knowledge about market trends.


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