SAAS Case Study 2 DNA Growth
SAAS Case Study 2 DNA Growth

About Project

We analyzed their data sets with respect to multiple elements – LTV, CAC, Churn Rate etc. The aim was to create a dashboard for senior management (in excel) and to also create a historical analysis of the data along with actionable insights. So the task was not only a quant modeling project but deep business analysis which allowed for not only understanding the business model in depth but collaborating with multiple team members to ensure that historical numbers were being presented without any bias.

The Impact

The Company was able to reconfigure its financial models and internal reporting. The new financial analytics dashboard gave the top management a detailed overview of each division and its actual performance. The company, on the basis of our financial model, decided to add a sales office in what was thought to be a low priority market. The company achieved a 120% ROI in the first year on the new sales office investment.

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