May 8, 2019

When Business Plan Writers come in the picture

Starting a business involves several decisions related to financial projections, business location, operations, developing the product, hiring the team, looking out for suppliers, etc. Amid all these decisions, the business owner cannot dedicate the time to build the Business plan, pitch deck or to evaluate Financial Forecasts. Also, the entrepreneur is a specialist in his business; business writing and presentation design is not supposed to be his forte. The investor’s decisions strongly depend on how the business owner represents the business model through business plans and pitch decks.

That is when Business plan writers come in the picture and take away all the stress. The Business plan writer will understand your business, execute the market research and develop financial projections to showcase the business model in the best possible light. An investor can understand his expected returns and the business’s strong foundation with the help of financial projections. Business Plan preparation is a complex task. It takes a team of experts to carry on different tasks to prepare a perfect business plan. The initial funding success of any business usually depends on the pitch deck or business plan of a company.

What does a Business plan writer do?

  • The first step is listing down the ideas, understanding the products and the target market.
  • Carrying out the market research in the context of the products and their demand
  • Developing the business model both qualitatively and quantitatively for the business plan/pitch deck.
  • Focusing on how your product service solves the pain point and how will it be able to capture the market against competitors.
  • Finalizing the plan once the research and analysis is done.

How DNA Growth stands out?

Every startup/business is important for us! It is like building a legacy. To do justice with the ideas-

  • We handcraft all the business plans.
  • The research conducted for each business plan is done from scratch to match the distinct combinations of the business product and location.
  • We make sure that the facts are real and latest and taken from official sources.
  • For each Business plan a different team of experts including the financial analysts, designing experts, chartered accountants and statisticians work together to prepare bespoke business plans and pitch decks.
  • Seniors Analysts are appointed for each business plan.
  • Proof-reading of each Business plan is done by senior level analysts to ensure the quality and to rule out any mistakes.

We strive for excellence because we know every business counts

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