July 22, 2019

Whitepaper: Why Does Your Organization Need One?

White papers mark their origin somewhere in the 18th century. While a white paper was originally limited to the government’s official discussions, the document has become a great source for companies to showcase their products and services, and market them well to a niche target audience.  So, what are white papers and why does an organization need them?

What is a White Paper?

The document is a detailed know-how about a product or service (solution) of the company that addresses the nitty-gritties and helps the reader to understand how and why they might need that particular solution. This is supported by a combination of expert knowledge and deep market research that inspires, convinces, and recommends that solution to the people. This in turn equips the reader with the knowledge of “what the issue is?”, “how it can be solved?”, and facilitates decision making. It is a tool that provides a deep analysis and justification as to why the customer/client should choose the company’s solution.

How does a well-framed white paper help the organization?

A well-framed white paper helps the company to put across their solution in front of their prospective customers. A few of the add-ons of a whitepaper can be put as:

  • Educates the target audience and generates leads
  • Creates inbound traffic at top of the funnel
  • Helps reaching out in case of recently concluded market research
  • Highlights expertise and builds brand image

The document can be extensively used by companies and can be molded to suit to their requirements. For example – a crypto-currency company might need a whitepaper to illustrate concepts of the theory behind their product, why the community needs it, and how it will cater to the needs of the market. This will help the potential investors, customers to understand what they should expect out of the product, and why do they need it in the first place.

Whitepapers are extremely popular for B2B marketing and acts as a tool to reach new customers and retain them. While some might argue over the striking resemblance to a business plan, the difference lies in how a document is presented. The business plans are a focused route to market the solution, whereas the whitepapers are more focused on the educational and informative part and are formally written.

Types of White Papers and When to Use Them?

The whitepaper is an impactful business document that influences almost 76% of its readers in their decision making. They aid customer acquisition as they accelerate lead generation, the mindscape of the products, and in generating new selling opportunities. These can be broadly segregated into three:-

The Backgrounder: This type of the document provides a detailed glance of the features and benefits of a solution by giving out an authentic description of the technical and business benefits of it. The main target for this form are the B2B buyers near the bottom of the sales funnel. This form can be adopted when the company wants to put itself across as a pioneer in the field, support technical evaluations and product launches.

The Numbered List: These are a comprehensive set of tips, answers to questions pertaining to a particular subject for which the audience is anyone who is interested. These form a light and summing up approach to address the situations, and can be used to invite customers to further engagement.

The Problem/Solution: These are persuading in nature and focused on a set of target customers. They employ logical and factual approach to present solutions to the problems. The target for these can be the B2B businesses near the top of the funnel, analysts, bloggers etc. These can be used to generate leads, increase brand recognition and educating the market about the solution.



At DNA Growth, we offer bespoke content marketing that can help your business scale up the content development process. DNA Growth offers creation of white papers that trigger the development of knowledge regarding the client’s products/services in the market and helps them to reach out to a bigger set of audience. We aim to enhance our relationships with our clients and help them to increase their resource efficiency and power their business growth.

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