June 25, 2020

Accelerating Digital Transformation into Your Business to Deliver Better Customer Experience.

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on businesses all over the world. While some businesses have shut their physical doors and are working remotely, others have continued their operations in the physical location. But, there is one thing that all the businesses need to understand, and that is the rising need for digital transformation for delivering a better consumer experience.

What is Digital Transformation?
We all know how dynamic the current business ecosystem is. Change is the need of the hour and digital transformation is that change. Digital transformation is basically an umbrella term used for the integration of digital technology into all areas of business. It refers to the ways in which businesses change to adapt to new technology and consumer preferences.

While some of you may think that why now? When businesses are struggling to stay afloat, what can digital transformation do that will change their state?

Let me put it this way, the consumer is the king, he has always been, but now, understanding and adapting to the changing consumer behaviors is more important than ever. Due to Covid-19, consumers are feeling vulnerable. They are starting to choose e-commerce over physical shopping. This is why, over the past few weeks, there has been a stark proliferation in e-commerce sales. Especially when social distancing has become the new norm, consumers are relying on e-commerce for essentials and entertainment. To be precise, e-commerce sales are expected to rise to $4.5 trillion by 2021.

Also, competition has never been so cutthroat. New competitors are flooding into the market every coming day. Thanks to the lower barriers of entry provided by globalization and technological developments. So, your adaptability with the changing market demands will decide whether you will be able to cut through the competition or lag behind.

In addition, consumers are judging their online experiences based on various factors, but the main is ease. Fortifying your customer base will only be possible if you are swift to accelerate digital transformation into your business. You need to be ready to take advantage of changing consumer behaviors and meet all the consumers ‘expectations. If your business fails to do so, consumers may inevitably shift their focus towards a competitor that pays heed to their changing demands.

So, if you are a business owner who is finding ways to incorporate digital transformation into your business strategy for the purpose of improving the consumer experience, here is how you can do it:

1. Embrace Automation and Prioritize Optimization
The key here is to use automation as an integral part of your customer service strategy. Not only does automation save your team’s time but also serves customers more efficiently. In a survey conducted by Accenture, it was seen that nearly 85% of people prefer interacting with service providers through AI-enabled applications, like a Chatbots rather than human advisors. So, businesses need to scan such consumer preferences and use digital transformation to satisfy the changing needs of the consumers.

2. Bespoke Content
Consumer data should be used effectively to offer personalized content and deals to consumers. You know how you search for a thing on Amazon and you start getting similar product recommendations that are using consumer data efficiently. Though the personalization strategy may differ from business to business, but providing bespoke content to consumers can help increase your conversion rate like you may have never imagined.

3. Learn About Your Consumers
Again, thanks to technological advancements, marketers have access to more data than ever. Though you can analyze the data available to develop successful marketing campaigns, you need to be transparent about the data you collect. Consumers prefer to have the power to control what data is being collected because it makes them feel secure.
The ability to read and understand consumers’ preferences and habits can prove to be highly-insightful for your business.

Let’s take the example of Amazon, the leader in consumer experience, to understand how digital transformation can take your business to new heights. Amazon has come to be a clear winner amid the Coronavirus-induced lockdown. Even now that the lockdown is released, Amazon has experienced a 35-50% surge in orders. The company’s share continues to climb and the main reason for this triumph is the affinity of people towards Amazon’s cloud-based services.

Some of the features that Amazon offers to its customers are:
● Early and free shipping on prime orders
● Bespoke offers and discounts
● Millions of product offerings
● Safe delivery of products
● Purchasing system integration and tax-exempt purchasing on certain orders
● Digital services and device support
● Shared payment methods, etc.

These are just a few offers from the pool of digital benefits Amazon is offering to its customers. This is why Amazon has 310 million active, loyal customers.

Businesses who understand that there is nothing permanent except change will thrive. Companies that are able to quickly accelerate digital transformation to provide better consumer experiences will not only gain new customers but also will be well-positioned to maintain better relationships with the present ones.

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